Be loud.

Be loud.

A friend shared that

there are voices in her life

that are discouraging. 

She told me that my voice is

an encouragement to her.

I kind of jokingly said, 

“I will keep being loud!”

And she replied,

“Yes. Be loud.”

Who needs you to



Someone does.

Or a group of people do.

And you know what?

They may not be able to 

say to you – 

“Yes. Be loud.”

They may not know your name

or where you live. 

Your significant other may 

not be able to be vulnerable 

enough to say what they need

and yet the truth remains –

your voice is needed.

We shouldn’t need a request

in order to speak

into spaces that 

need our voice. 

We need to be loud

in order to be heard 

over the deafening 

noise of 





The world needs your voice

and my voice.

We’re gonna have to shout. 

There are those who routinely

try to silence other voices –

even elected ones –

and say that they have no place

and should have no voice.

We must be louder.

There are voices telling your

friends that they are

insignificant and dispensable.

You must be loud.

Our kids are blasted

with noise –

we must be louder

than the chaos.

Use your voice.

speak up. 

Be loud.

Someone needs to

hear from you.



A turning from.

A turning from.

Here’s what we forget – 

what I forget – 

sometimes Permission Granted

is a turning from

versus a turning towards.

Sometimes it means

we have to own something, 

and dig in and grow.

Sometimes Permission Granted is

turning away from 

what you’ve always 


and turning towards

what’s always actually been true. 

Sometimes it’s admitting




Often, Permission Granted

isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling. 

I know. 

It is my favorite thing, too.

Permission Granted can

take us to hard places,

challenging moments and

often requires an honest 

evaluation of who we are

in comparison to 

who we are made to be. 

This is the genesis of growth.

And it’s not always fun.

However, it is always necessary

if we want to be all 

that we are made to be.

Why does this matter?

Our world depends on it. 

The world you and I 

live in is created 

by who we are –

by what we do. 

Don’t run from 

Permission Granted.

Don’t avoid hard, challenging

issues or conversations

because they aren’t

warm and fuzzy.

How do you tell your kids, 

the child down the street 

who is hungry every day, 

or the sweet baby at church with

mocha-colored skin

that you are

unable to effect change

because there aren’t warm fuzzies

each step of the way?

We can do hard things. 



What do you need to turn from, friend?

What do you need to learn more about so that you can know what is actually true?

Live Your Life: Take Up Your Space

Live Your Life: Take Up Your Space

I overheard your comments to your friend

about the woman across the room.

She, the woman you are 




wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

She said nothing wrong.

She is just living her life, 

taking up her space 

and your insecurity got in the way.

Oh, pardon me, 

I don’t mean to offend. 

Well, actually, I’m okay if I do. 

Everyone has permission

to take up their space 

and just because you 

aren’t thrilled with her choices,

her outfit, 

her boisterous personality

doesn’t mean that you can

take space from her. 

Please refrain from expressing

your insecurity this way.

PermissionGranted is for everyone.

Please recognize that if 

someone rubs you the wrong way, 

has a personality that you 

struggle to appreciate, 

wears clothing that you would

not or has the

audacity to choose

to pursue her 



and purpose…

she is simply giving herself

permission to do so,

just as you are, 

in your own way,

pursing PermissionGranted.

There’s space for all of us. 

All of our creativity, 







There’s enough room for us all.

So each of us have 

a choice to make:

take up our space –

without apology, or 

spend energy making

ourselves small by

attempting to infringe 

on another’s space.

It is kind of a 

easy choice, 

don’t you think?  

Help her take the next step.

Help her take the next step.

She tentatively steps into her own. 

She wades into her space,

seeking to understand that 

it is actually hers,

unsure that she even has

enough within her to fill the space. 

Her eyes flit across the blank,

white walls and cavernous space and 

her heart starts stuttering a bit. 

“I don’t possess what this space needs. 

I don’t know how to 

put this all together 

or how to juggle all of the pieces.” 

Her uncertainty and fear

threaten to derail

her plans to move in,

to take up her space – 

she edges towards the exit.

Perhaps you’ve been there –

on the edge of the unknown 

trying to determine if 

the purpose that calls to you

is enough to make you brave –

maybe you’ve made the leap.

You remember that look –

the one where you look fear

in the eye and just keep going.

When you see someone on the edge,

doubting herself, 

her calling, 

her passion, purpose

and all her possibilities;

doubting whether she 

can or should step into

the space she’s been given – 

meet her there. 

Help her take the next step.

Remind her of truth.

Help her determine what it 

looks like to fill up her space.

Lend her your resources. 

Tell her how you did it.

Collaborate with her,

encourage her, 

pray for her, 

send her chocolate,

and remind her how brave she is.

And if you’re on

the edge right now

doubting yourself  –  

Permission Granted, brave girl,

Let’s take the next steps together.

You’re not alone.

  1. Is there someone who could use some encouragement from you? What is one way that you could walk beside her as she steps into the space she’s been given.
  2. Are you tempted to back away from possibility, purpose, and passion? What is the obstacle you are facing? Take one step towards your purpose. And don’t be afraid to reach out for support, for help, for chocolate.


I won’t pick it up.

I won’t pick it up.

We must put down what we 

should not carry –

gather only what fuels us. 

This way our hands and hearts

are free to embrace 

our purpose, passion,

and possibility.

What we don’t need –

What we can’t afford – 

What we can’t pick up –

is competition with each other. 

There’s no place for it. 

As women, we should be 

each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

When you feel tempted to 

knock someone down a level

with gossip

or when we are tempted to

judge a decision

a fellow warrior makes, 

or when it’s really hard 

to not be envious and 

question the good things

that have come her way –

Don’t do it. 

Walk away.

Don’t pick it up. 

Competition will never fuel you –

it will only steal from you.

Link arms with those who are pursuing

passion, purpose, and possibility

alongside of you –

simply because you have

this pursuit in common.

This is the only 


that is necessary –

let’s be in the same fight, 

on the same team.

We are better

when we support

and encourage 

and leave competition 

on the ground to pave 

the way towards 

a vibrant future

where women 

take up all the 

space they need to.

We have no room

no time,

no need, 

for competition. 

I won’t pick it up.

How can you support other women who are alongside you in the pursuit of possibility, passion, and purpose?

An adventure to pursue

An adventure to pursue

Hide from edges.

Ignore the gaps

turn away 

and act like

you’re just fine. 

You don’t need to grow.

You’re just fine without

a harvest.

You don’t need to 

produce like others do.

It’s fine for them – 

but you’re


Just fine.

Even if I yell it – 

it’s no longer true.

Somehow fine has become




How did this happen?

I was so comfortable.

I was just fine. 

And then I went and made 

friends who stand on the 

edge and figure out 

how to get across. 

I’m friends with 

people who do brave 

things every day. 

Did I really think I

would continue to be

just fine?

It’s a good thing I find

myself pursuing edges.

I am where I am

supposed to be;

it’s good that what 

has always been 

is no longer 

good enough.

Friends should challenge

you to grow, 

to sit on the edge

and see what 

you are meant for – 

not just what’s 

always been. 

Thanks, friends,

for pursuing your own

edges and for not

shying away from brave.

Thanks for helping me realize 

that gaps aren’t something 

to hide from,

but rather – 

an adventure to pursue.


1) Do you have friends in your circle that push you to grow and seek out edges? If yes, who? Tell them thank you. If no, it’s time to add to your circle of friends.

2) How do you encourage and support your friends to pursue their best?