I was recently the recipient 

of community in action. 

I had questions about

trying something new 

and after a few phone calls,

too many not-quite-right

Youtube videos and 

articles I found 

the right person.

She patiently listened to my questions,

filled in my gaps, 

and then went the extra mile

to help me get over the 

obstacle that was before me. 

I had never met this person

before but that didn’t matter

to her because she is 

committed to community. 

How do I know this?

Well, it turns out she was

the owner of the establishment

and their website says 

they are ‘committed to 

community before anything else’. 

She helped me before 

she knew I had a different

skin color than she did, 

she didn’t ask my

religious affiliation,

and she didn’t ask my 

stances on political issues –

she just knew she had

the answer –

she knew she was the 

right person to help me. 

This was not a life-changing 

moment for me – 

meaning her assistance

was not helping me get access 

to safety or food,

but it did help me 

make progress on 

a goal that I was thinking

I was going to have to

let go of.

Pursuing community –

just for the sake of community 

can have a huge impact

in someone’s life.

It’s likely happened for

you in either big or small ways…

the right person 

stepped up for you.

Being the right person

and showing up  

can save lives

and it allows us to be

agents of God’s kingdom.

Being the right person

doesn’t necessarily mean 

you possess all the right answers,

have the most money, 

or are the most eloquent.

It simply means you see a need

and you meet it.