Permission Granted: Embrace Who You Are, Cultivate Courage, Impact Your World will take the reader on a journey through over 30 of my pieces. This book of poems will help you embrace who you are, cultivate courage, and encourage you to engage in the community that surrounds you.⁣ My book is designed and formatted by Rebecca Sutton and features thoughtful ways for you to interact with each piece. It is portable and user-friendly at 6×9 inches and has a covered spiral binding so that you can interact with the book easily.

I am thrilled to share that Permission Granted is in five stores now! Please visit these stores if you are local to the area! 

Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA

Itinerant Literate in North Charleston, SC

Collinsville Artisan Co-Op in Collinsville, CT

Folklore Flower Co. in Madison, CT

*NEW* Cindy Stevens Fine Art in Clinton, CT



Yes! There’s a Permission Granted Book Club that is packaged and ready to go for your group to engage and grow with! The Book Club is set up to be run virtually or in person with graphics, resources, questions, and a schedule of which pieces to discuss week by week! There is also an option for a Book Club to meet just one time – imagine dinner, dessert, and #PermissionGranted! This content is FREE for group leaders and I will help you get set up. I will also give you a code for free shipping! Email me for more info about the Book Club that is just waiting to help your group engage and connect in a way to encourage all to pursue their passion, purpose, and possibilities!


sneak peek

Here’s a few sample pages from the book!

Other Permission Granted Products

Temporary Tattoos

This temporary tattoo is 1.5″ x 1.5″. The tattoo is navy and coral. This is a unique and whimsical way to remember that we have permission to be who we are, right where we are! These are fun to share and are great for all ages.

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This hand-stamped cuff bracelet is an accompaniment to the pursuit of purpose, possibility, and passion! Wear this bracelet as a reminder to pursue all that you are meant for. It matches well with bravery and is not afraid to clash with doubt – in other words – it goes with everything.

Take Up YOUR Space Sticker

This Take Up Your Space sticker is a generous size, and a great reminder, that you can place anywhere you want! It is a clear sticker so whatever you put it on will show through behind it, as seen in the sample picture.


I have seen author Bethany Howard learn to take advantage of her own permission, and then lead others by the hand to find the permission they so desperately want and need. Let Bethany show you how to show up for your own life through her book Permission Granted. Don’t live one more day with you being the main nay-sayer in your own life.

– Kathi Lipp 

Best Selling Author and

Founder of Writing at the Red House




What people are saying


Jennifer Botzet

Jennifer Botzet


Permission Granted takes you on a journey of intentional self-reflection that is refreshing and empowering. Bethany Howard’s vulnerability is her strength as she invites us to confront the lies, pressures, and expectations that hold us back from embracing the fullness of life. Armed with honesty and authenticity, the path Bethany takes us on is one that leads to hope in the possibilities for a present and future where we have been freed from the confines of our personal fears and limitations. Permission Granted will help free you of burdens while also taking you deeper into the potential for life at the same time.

Brooke Bradley

Brooke Bradley

Dental Hygienist

Bethany’s writing is raw, emotional, powerful. Her delivery is direct, while still allowing me to apply it to my own life. Every piece in Permission Granted gives the reader permission to look into themselves and find the strength to feel all the feels, but also the encouragement and the power to move onward to something more.
JoycE Hennessy

JoycE Hennessy


Bethany’s unique writing style is refreshing and her “Permission Granted” message challenges me to live my very best life. After each message, Bethany provides writing exercises which provoked deep, internal reflection for me that will assist me as I pursue my personal growth journey with “Permission Granted”.

Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis


In a world full of admonitions to “do more” and “go faster,” Bethany offers a deep breath of release. A permission slip, if you will, to stay present while embracing your future and healing your past. To accept who you are deep down, past your fears or failures, beyond your to-do list, or more sincere than the sum of your success. “Permission Granted: Embrace who You Are, Cultivate Courage, Impact Your World” is a book you’ll savor bite by bite, word for word. Cozy up in your comfiest chair. Sip some coffee from your favorite mug. And indulge in this exquisite work of art to celebrate the gift of you.