Here’s what we forget – 

what I forget – 

sometimes Permission Granted

is a turning from

versus a turning towards.

Sometimes it means

we have to own something, 

and dig in and grow.

Sometimes Permission Granted is

turning away from 

what you’ve always 


and turning towards

what’s always actually been true. 

Sometimes it’s admitting




Often, Permission Granted

isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling. 

I know. 

It is my favorite thing, too.

Permission Granted can

take us to hard places,

challenging moments and

often requires an honest 

evaluation of who we are

in comparison to 

who we are made to be. 

This is the genesis of growth.

And it’s not always fun.

However, it is always necessary

if we want to be all 

that we are made to be.

Why does this matter?

Our world depends on it. 

The world you and I 

live in is created 

by who we are –

by what we do. 

Don’t run from 

Permission Granted.

Don’t avoid hard, challenging

issues or conversations

because they aren’t

warm and fuzzy.

How do you tell your kids, 

the child down the street 

who is hungry every day, 

or the sweet baby at church with

mocha-colored skin

that you are

unable to effect change

because there aren’t warm fuzzies

each step of the way?

We can do hard things. 



What do you need to turn from, friend?

What do you need to learn more about so that you can know what is actually true?