as long as it takes

as long as it takes

can you feel it

the air is heavy

frustration is palpable

words float in the air

the song of justice

will not be silenced

pain seeps

into lungs

into breath

into words

injustice has legs

and will march

as long as it takes

this righteous anger

is not new

chains still exist 


is the 









you can feel it

the air is heavy

this anger is ancient

words pierce the air

louder than bullet

the song of justice

will not be overcome



She doesn’t mind

She doesn’t mind

She prays, she studies, she writes.

She steps into what she is made for.

She leads others to pursue

the heart of God.

There may be some who

think she should not speak,

that she should go home,

but she doesn’t mind.

Let them talk.

She doesn’t answer to them.

She advocates, she speaks, she stands.

She steps into who she

is made to be.

She realizes her worth

and desires to educate others

about a system that still exists

to squelch her people.

There are some who

believe she is making

something out of nothing,

but she doesn’t mind.

Let them talk.

She doesn’t answer to them.

She teaches, she heals, she cares.

She pursues her passion

to help others who are sick.

She is wife, mom, and

a leader in her field.

There are some who

believe she should be home,

that she is in the wrong,

working outside her home,

but she doesn’t mind.

Let them talk.

She doesn’t answer to them.

She creates, she writes, she spits truth.

She rhymes sick lines

that seep from her heart

onto the page.

She speaks her mind and

she will not be contained.

There are some who believe

that her truth is too loud,

that she should go home,

but she doesn’t mind.

Let them talk.

She doesn’t answer to them.

Say what you want,

believe what you want,

truth will prevail and

your words

meant to hinder,

meant to restrain,

meant to demean

will be what we

step on as we pursue

who God made us to be.

We don’t mind.

We don’t answer to you.

We don’t mind –

but we do wish you would

consider what we could

accomplish if we

worked together.



In the wrong

In the wrong

The greatest gift we can

give someone is

inviting them to be

fully themselves with us

and then cheering them on

as they pursue all

they are meant for.

We don’t all receive this gift. 

And this is why:

We withhold

permission from 

others to step 

into all that they are

made for

because it will 

personally cost us something. 

It sure doesn’t feel great

when this happens to me.

I feel defeated

and it is that much 

harder for me to 

take up my space.

I don’t appreciate when someone

denies what I see in me,

or tries to keep me small. 

And yet I put others through it –

the cost is too great, 

and we make excuses. 

And what happens then?

We are all miserable. 

All of us living out lies, 

all of us in the wrong.

We are either wrong for 

witholding permission 

or we are wrong for 

waiting for it. 


The song of humanity.

The song of humanity.

The trees, the dolphins, and

the mountains call to me

and demand to be seen.

I can’t look away.

The bird’s song,

the breeze, tickling the trees,

the way a flower grows

from a teeny seed.

I can’t look away.

I see their creator in them.

His design, his joy,

his creativity is in the magenta flower,

the succulents, the manatee,

the neon tree frog, and the terrapins.

They sing a song over me and

I am compelled to sing with them.

I want to join the chorus.

What are the notes?

I don’t know their song.

What are the words?

How do I join them?

Humanity has a song, too.

I can hear it

when I listen.

The song is constant –

everyone taking a breath

at a different time.

Some scream to be heard.

Some sing into a void

where no one listens.

Some are making their

own stages.

It’s hard to listen to the song because there’s

so much to grieve,

so much hurt

and righteous anger

in the song.

So much so that sometimes I try to silence it.

Headphones on.

Head down.

Just make sure

all is well in my house –

that everyone under my roof

can sing.


My song is the song of humanity.

My voice is meant to be

heard and it is meant to

amplify the song that

others are singing.

I can’t not listen to their song

and there’s no other song

for me to join in on.

I can’t look away.

They demand to be seen.

I can’t look away.

I see their creator in them.

His design, his joy,

his creativity is all

over us all.

My voice must add to

their song of long-awaited,







noise .




Be loud.

Be loud.

A friend shared that

there are voices in her life

that are discouraging. 

She told me that my voice is

an encouragement to her.

I kind of jokingly said, 

“I will keep being loud!”

And she replied,

“Yes. Be loud.”

Who needs you to



Someone does.

Or a group of people do.

And you know what?

They may not be able to 

say to you – 

“Yes. Be loud.”

They may not know your name

or where you live. 

Your significant other may 

not be able to be vulnerable 

enough to say what they need

and yet the truth remains –

your voice is needed.

We shouldn’t need a request

in order to speak

into spaces that 

need our voice. 

We need to be loud

in order to be heard 

over the deafening 

noise of 





The world needs your voice

and my voice.

We’re gonna have to shout. 

There are those who routinely

try to silence other voices –

even elected ones –

and say that they have no place

and should have no voice.

We must be louder.

There are voices telling your

friends that they are

insignificant and dispensable.

You must be loud.

Our kids are blasted

with noise –

we must be louder

than the chaos.

Use your voice.

speak up. 

Be loud.

Someone needs to

hear from you.



Speak for maximum impact.

Speak for maximum impact.

Some things just

need to be said. 

They don’t need rehearsed –

there’s no time for that. 

If the passion is now –

the time is now. 

So often the space when 

something needs to be said 

is a small gap in time – 

and once it has passed

the opportunity for maximum

impact has also passed.

If you wait –

it may be too late. 

When we wait for 

an invitation, 

wait for more research to be done, 

hope for the right time, 

write draft after draft, 

jockey for position,

for platform… 

We miss the opportunity that 

needed our voice –

It’s gone.

And those who may have gained

strength, peace, or freedom

through the impact of our words

will never receive the power

of our words.  

When your heart feels

like it might burst, 

when hope is blossoming, 

when peace includes a fight, 

when truth requires armor, 

when fear and bravery hold hands, 

when passion can’t be contained – 





Are you holding back on speaking up, speaking out?

Are the words you keep within you blocking purpose, passion, and possibilities – for yourself or others?