Some things just

need to be said. 

They don’t need rehearsed –

there’s no time for that. 

If the passion is now –

the time is now. 

So often the space when 

something needs to be said 

is a small gap in time – 

and once it has passed

the opportunity for maximum

impact has also passed.

If you wait –

it may be too late. 

When we wait for 

an invitation, 

wait for more research to be done, 

hope for the right time, 

write draft after draft, 

jockey for position,

for platform… 

We miss the opportunity that 

needed our voice –

It’s gone.

And those who may have gained

strength, peace, or freedom

through the impact of our words

will never receive the power

of our words.  

When your heart feels

like it might burst, 

when hope is blossoming, 

when peace includes a fight, 

when truth requires armor, 

when fear and bravery hold hands, 

when passion can’t be contained – 





Are you holding back on speaking up, speaking out?

Are the words you keep within you blocking purpose, passion, and possibilities – for yourself or others?