A friend shared that

there are voices in her life

that are discouraging. 

She told me that my voice is

an encouragement to her.

I kind of jokingly said, 

“I will keep being loud!”

And she replied,

“Yes. Be loud.”

Who needs you to



Someone does.

Or a group of people do.

And you know what?

They may not be able to 

say to you – 

“Yes. Be loud.”

They may not know your name

or where you live. 

Your significant other may 

not be able to be vulnerable 

enough to say what they need

and yet the truth remains –

your voice is needed.

We shouldn’t need a request

in order to speak

into spaces that 

need our voice. 

We need to be loud

in order to be heard 

over the deafening 

noise of 





The world needs your voice

and my voice.

We’re gonna have to shout. 

There are those who routinely

try to silence other voices –

even elected ones –

and say that they have no place

and should have no voice.

We must be louder.

There are voices telling your

friends that they are

insignificant and dispensable.

You must be loud.

Our kids are blasted

with noise –

we must be louder

than the chaos.

Use your voice.

speak up. 

Be loud.

Someone needs to

hear from you.