Hey, skinny jeans.

Hey, skinny jeans.

Hey, skinny jeans.

I know that you have 

felt my absence. 

It’s nothing personal…

I still like you. 

I also like breathing. 

Things have changed 

in the last 10 months 

and what was once 

‘fit like a glove’

is now painful contortion. 

It’s not you. 

It’s me. 

You can’t encompass

the results of

my coping mechanisms.


ice cream, 

sitting in a chair and writing, 

watching movies with the kids,

and lots of snacks, and not an

equal amount of walks,

have been my regulars.

It would be unfair 

to us both 

to ask you to

hold all of me. 

I should tell you, 

I don’t feel badly 

when I pass you over

each day.

I don’t feel guilt or shame 

that my curves no longer fit 

within your seams.

You require that I be less, 

but I am more. 

I’ve changed.

I am stronger than I’ve ever been before.

I’ve seen more and felt more. 

I’ve hurt more. 

I am softer. 

I am more reliant. 

I need more than I thought. 

I need less than I thought.

A paradox like the rest of life. 

Skinny jeans –

It’s not you, 

it’s me. 

You ask me to be less,

but I am more. 


Imperfect is real

Imperfect is real

Imperfect is real. 


renders us 


forces us 

to conceal.

Don’t give in 

to the pressure that 

the world serves up


we need real

more than we need 

a show. 

We need soft hearts in tune.

We need bodies ready to work. 

We need 

open minds on the same page.

We need blood, sweat, and tears. 

We need vulnerable. 

We need all of the quirks

that make you, 


to show up in 

full display,

no camouflage.

Fake perpetuates

the status quo. 

We must do 

better than that. 



Created to…

Created to…








passion and


We were created to 





Be who you are, 

right where you are

but don’t stay there. 


A manifesto on being

A manifesto on being

Dial it back

Cuddle up

Keep it simple

Make it special






Take up your space

Feel what you feel

Don’t dwell there

Hold hope

Cling to truth

Let go of what you can’t hold.

Be safe


Strengthen roots

Extend grace

Be present



Be who you are

Right where you are.



 How can you practice being, friend?


Worthy work

Worthy work

This being who you are –

who you are meant to be –

is not an easy road to walk.

And sometimes I

think it is supposed to be.

And that’s a lie.

I believe it is

worth the fight.

It’s worth wading

through the lies,

the pain, the grief,

the strife and anger

to get to a place

where you can

pursue what you are made for.

So if you are struggling,

it may not because

you are pursuing

the wrong thing.

It may just be that

being a whole person

is hard, worthy work.


Wear fierce

Wear fierce

I got my gray covered yesterday.

It was showing up, super sparkly and well, gray.

And I’m just not ready for that.

My earrings were sitting on the counter so that they were safe from staining color. I asked my hairdresser to please not let me forget them and she said, “Oh, I will!” I laughed. She likes them, too! It’s safe to say the beaded earrings are one of my favorite pairs.

The earrings make a statement.

They are colorful.

They are bold.

They take up space.

They are fierce.

They are unique.

I wear them often – even now as I write this, in a scarf, sweatshirt, jeans, and duck boots – nestled into hair I have not combed today.

Later in my appointment, my hairdresser said to another woman in the room, whom I had just met, “Look at these earrings!” And she held up my work-of-art earrings for all to see. Everyone oohed and ahhhed over them and I enjoyed their appreciation of my favorite art to wear. My new acquaintance then said, “They suit you.”

And I was speechless for a second because that is one of the best compliments that I’ve been given! I believe she also likely saw the earrings the same way I do –





And she said they suit me.

She doesn’t know me, but she’s saying that’s what I am even on a day when I was feeling low, when everything was gray, not just my hair, and I was feeling about as far from fierce as one can get, and yet she said the earrings suited me.

I said, “Thank you, I appreciate that!”

And I tucked this away in my heart but it kept asking to be shared.

On the days when you question your worth – don the expensive shoes.
When you feel like bold is something you were in a previous chapter of life, go ahead and wear your statement piece.

If you are feeling a bit gray, wear fierce anyway.

When we feel off, when smiles are hard to come by – that’s the day to wear the red shoes or the bold jewelry pieces because these are the days that we need reminded who we are. When we wear what we love, it’s a way of reminding ourselves we are worthy of love.

So the next time you comment on someone’s earrings, shoes, or dress – remember that you might be speaking to her heart and not just her sense of fashion.


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