Follow hope’s lead

Follow hope’s lead


is present in






hope can’t be

shut out

covered up


the signposts of hope 

will surprise you and 

you will find 


in places 

you don’t 


stay expectant

watch for it 

when hope 

shows up

don’t discount it

don’t argue with it

follow its lead

it will feed your soul


What are some practices that keep you expectant? Where do you see hope?


Set your permissions

Set your permissions

Have you noticed

that our world

requires us to 

set permissions?

In order for something 

to work for us, 

we have to 

to give it the go ahead

to work with the other 

things in our lives

so that it can do for us

what it is supposed to do. 

If we don’t set permissions –

the app, the program, 

the new high-tech watch 

will never work as they

are intended to work. 

We, as humans, also 

have permissions 

that we need to set.

Set your permissions for

what influences you,

who has access to you,

what you will give your energy to, and

how much disrespect is too much. 

Set your permissions so 

that what is in your life is 

working with you, 

not against you. 



Imperfect is real

Imperfect is real

Imperfect is real. 


renders us 


forces us 

to conceal.

Don’t give in 

to the pressure that 

the world serves up


we need real

more than we need 

a show. 

We need soft hearts in tune.

We need bodies ready to work. 

We need 

open minds on the same page.

We need blood, sweat, and tears. 

We need vulnerable. 

We need all of the quirks

that make you, 


to show up in 

full display,

no camouflage.

Fake perpetuates

the status quo. 

We must do 

better than that.