I thought things

were under control –

until they weren’t

and I am still unsure

exactly where it all


how I came to

the end of myself.

And yet that’s

where I ended up.

At the end of myself.

It would

seem that

at one’s end





But you were there.

You caught me.

You held me.

And you taught me

about who you are

and who I am.

You made it known

to me that I am

not the sum of

what goes right

in my world.

In fact, I am

more than that

I am



and eternity

is within me

because you

are in me.

These mysteries

are out of my control.

and somehow

that’s okay with me.

The end of myself

is no longer

a place that I fear.

It’s the place

where I rest.

Where I am the

most empty

and yet

every need is met.

A wonder.

I am amazed

at what you

revealed to me;

honored by the

way you showed

me who you are

in the midst of