Hey, skinny jeans.

I know that you have 

felt my absence. 

It’s nothing personal…

I still like you. 

I also like breathing. 

Things have changed 

in the last 10 months 

and what was once 

‘fit like a glove’

is now painful contortion. 

It’s not you. 

It’s me. 

You can’t encompass

the results of

my coping mechanisms.


ice cream, 

sitting in a chair and writing, 

watching movies with the kids,

and lots of snacks, and not an

equal amount of walks,

have been my regulars.

It would be unfair 

to us both 

to ask you to

hold all of me. 

I should tell you, 

I don’t feel badly 

when I pass you over

each day.

I don’t feel guilt or shame 

that my curves no longer fit 

within your seams.

You require that I be less, 

but I am more. 

I’ve changed.

I am stronger than I’ve ever been before.

I’ve seen more and felt more. 

I’ve hurt more. 

I am softer. 

I am more reliant. 

I need more than I thought. 

I need less than I thought.

A paradox like the rest of life. 

Skinny jeans –

It’s not you, 

it’s me. 

You ask me to be less,

but I am more.