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In the past, my tendency was to see an edge in the distance and to do a 180 degree turn in the opposite direction. It didn’t matter if going in the other direction was taking me away from where I was supposed to be – the edge is where I am weak, and so the best plan would be to walk away. This tactic only leaves me in mediocre, frustrated that I am where I’ve always been. I’ve discovered there is another way. What I need to do is that walk to the edge, name the gap and then determine the next brave steps necessary to get from where I am to where I am meant to be. The gap is simply an opportunity for growth. This tactic helps me get unstuck and puts me in motion – towards what I am meant for. 

So, I thought it might be useful to 

talk about identifying the edges.

So we can identify gaps.

So we can grow into our potential.

An Edge: Envious Moments

Envy has had a lot 

to say in the last few weeks.

My recent encounters

with envy include:

a friend’s entrepreneurial success,

friends I know with book contracts,

writers with tons of great content

on their website,

and people I know who took

trips to Bali and Punta Cana.

That’s pretty good list, right?

I sat with the envy a moment, 

held each example in my hand 

to feel the weight of it.

I turned it over and 

examined it. 

I discovered that the envy

was made of either

“I wish it was mine”


“You could pursue this:

permission granted.”

So let me break it down for you. 

The ‘get on a plane and sit in 

the jungle or on the beach’

envious moments 

were definitely made of 

pure, thick, sticky, stinky envy. 

I had to put these down and walk away

because they were heavy and messy.

However, ‘the great content on her site’

and ‘the entrepreneur creating 

her own work she loves’

envious moments were made of 

permission granted 

disguised as envy. 

These I held, dissected,

and discovered that 

they led me to an edge. 

They led me to something

beyond what I think I am capable of

but that is within my 

power to pursue. 

Who knew growth opportunities 

can be disguised as envy?

So I am leaning into these 

envious moments that pop into my 

mind and heart.

I pause to hold them to see

what they are made of. 

To my surprise

I’ve discovered a 

brave, more content woman.

What is the envy you are holding? What is it made of? Is it something you need to release or something that can lead you to pursue #PermissionGranted?