Who you are.

Who you want to be.

Where you are

Where you want to be. 

There’s some 

gaps here for me – 

and for you.

It’s just not 

something we talk


See, each of us are a


There’s not one of us

who has arrived 

and that fact should not

make us feel less than.

It should not lead us 

to question our 

worth or talent.

We all have gaps and

we should not apologize 

for their existence.

Gaps are opportunities 

for growth… 

which makes them 

a good thing. 

The gaps are supposed

to exist. 

If there was no space 


who we are now and 

who we want to be

there would be no 

motivation to grow.

We mess up 

when we 

ignore the gaps. 

But ignoring them doesn’t 

make them go away,

it just makes it 

harder to bridge them.

I can attest to that. 

I feel the dissonance 

in my bones when I 

try to ignore the gaps.

It makes me avoid the 

edges and I

get nervous 

about situations

that reveal 

my gaps to others. 

Momentum begins 

when I walk to the 

edge of a gap

and name it.

This is where growth begins.

Let’s be brave

and walk to our 

edges together.

See a gap. Name an edge. No one is listening.

How can you bridge the gap? What tools do you need? What resources? Take one step today to close the gap! Email me or comment to let me know you took a step. Let’s walk to the edges together and support each other as we close a gap. Permission Granted.