Check out last week’s post about pain points as well as the introduction to the series.

In the past, my tendency was to see an edge in the distance and to do a 180 degree turn in the opposite direction. It didn’t matter if going in the other direction was taking me away from where I was supposed to be – the edge is where I am weak, and so the best plan would be to walk away. This tactic only leaves me in mediocre, frustrated that I am where I’ve always been. I’ve discovered there is another way. What I need to do is that walk to the edge, name the gap and then determine the next brave steps necessary to get from where I am to where I am meant to be. The gap is simply an opportunity for growth. This tactic helps me get unstuck and puts me in motion – towards what I am meant for. 

So, I thought it might be useful to 

talk about identifying the edges.

So we can identify gaps.

So we can grow into our potential.

An Edge: On Repeat

A passionate chat with a friend.

A challenging conversation with 

your significant other. 

A monologue for your therapist.

The books we read, 

the headlines that get our attention…

So often what we talk 

about and what we read,

point to a growth opportunity.

“We’ve talked about this before!” 

can also mean I’ve been stuck in 

this same place for too long. 

“Why am I drawn to the 

same stories again and again?”

can indicate there’s more 

to your own story that needs

to be explored.

What is it that connects them all?

What is the common factor?

What is the article pushing on?

What are the conversations

that seem to be on repeat?

What is the growth opportunity that is 

consistently put before you?

Maybe the perspective 

of people of color

and marginalized people

is something that keeps 

coming up for you.

Lean in.

Or maybe the topic is your anger that

seems to be a steaming kettle

just on the edge of boiling.

Lean in.

Perhaps what seems to be on 

repeat is the fractured relationship 

you have with your mom 

and how it impacts

your life today.

Lean in.

Take a step towards growth.

You have permission

to grow.

Acknowledge that there’s 

room to change,

room to understand 

and also realize

that you aren’t alone.

Others near you lean in

to growth,

lean into a shift

in perspective.

You’re in good company.

See the gaps before you

and step into them

on solid footing 

knowing that 

growing is

what you are meant to do.

What topic keeps coming up for you? What conversation is on repeat? Lean in and choose to grow. #PermissionGranted