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I am afraid of quiet moments.

Just being honest.

I am pretty sure I avoid them.

In the quiet moments

that are filled with actual

quiet, when my brain is not

trying to convince me that 

everything that is hard

is harder than it is for everyone else

or that everything that is good

is not as good as I believe

it to be. 

Actual quiet.

When I am not running through a to-do list

or recounting my inadequacies or wins for the day.

Actual quiet.

The place where my heart rests

and I talk with the One who 

created me and 

knows me better than I 

know myself.

The place where I listen. 

It is in these times when I am 

sitting in quiet, in prayer,

or contemplating scripture

that a gap might be pointed 

out to me.

I might see something

for the first time or perhaps

it is a kind reminder.

See, sometimes I think my struggle

is caused by someone else

and in these moments

I see the issue is with me. 

See why I avoid the quiet?

However, in order to grow…

I can’t avoid the quiet places.

How will you pursue quiet moments this week?

#PermissionGranted! It’s not selfish to take time for quiet and it’s not laziness. It just might be the beginning of growth. Go. Find some quiet.