Doubt won’t let me be great. 

I have ideas

but doubt says they’re dumb. 

Too often the ideas 

stay nebulous 

and never become 

living, breathing entities.

You can blame doubt for that. 

I walk into a room 

full of peers and 

question whether I belong,

wonder if there’s even

something I can offer. 

I stick to the periphery 

so that the opinion 

I imagine others have of me

won’t collude with 

my own doubt. 

I’m just not sure I’ve 

got the fortitude to take 

all of it on. 

Doubt won’t let me be great. 

Some days I struggle with

purpose, passion, and possibilities – 

is it really worth pursuing these?

Are these selfish pursuits?

Doubt always has a word. 

Doubt is loud. 

Doubt is persistent. 

Doubt is strong. 

Often I forget there are

other voices – 

Doubt’s isn’t the only 

voice I hear. 

What if I 

listen to the voice 

that created me 

and put purpose within me?

What happens if I 

train my heart to hear

the voice that says

there’s work for me to do?

It’s not all doubt’s fault. 

I choose what I listen to. 

When doubt is loud 

it is because I have 

forgotten who I am.

Doubt distracts me from 

what is most important

with slams and straight up lies.


Truth has more to say. 

Truth is louder than doubt.

Truth will persevere.

Truth is stronger.

I’m gonna listen to Truth.