Be who you are,

right where you are.


Just be me.

Its so much harder

then it seems it should be –

or than people

make it out to be.

No one else can be me,


but there is work required

for me, to be me.

I have to excavate

out from under the

expectations that have

been heaped on top of me,

I have to pursue truth

and disempower lies.

I have to give grace,

and at the same time,

challenge what

I’ve always believed.

And then,

I have to take

steps forward into

my purpose,


and passion.

I must embrace my quirks,

eradicate misguided habits,

and pursue the essence

of who I am.

Who I’ve always been.

This takes work,

daily work,

and years of work.

Be who you are,

right where you are

is not something we

fall into,

it’s not a simple accomplishment.

Instead, I believe it is

a daily invitation

to pursue what we

are made for.


What are some ways that you can pursue knowing yourself better?

  • Get to know the heart of God – he made you!
  • Take a personality quiz like Clifton Strengths.
  • Ask some friends about what they see in you.
  • Sit in who you are. What do you love? What would you like to make better?