My dog wants to go outside –

in the worst way.

She sits at the open back door.


For an invitation. 

For company.

Every part of her indicates 

her desire to go outside.

She does a little dance due to her urge to run.

Her tail demonstrates her desire to chase the squirrels.

Her nose twitches with all the smells that beckon her to 

just step over the threshold.

The door is open

and yet she stays put, every part of her 

desperate to run in the grass –

but she won’t budge from the

hardwood kitchen floor.

All because she doesn’t want to go out alone.

I get frustrated with her sometimes. 

Just. Go. Out. 

You’re fine. 

There’s nothing scary out there. 

Just. Go. 

But she chooses to sit on 

the window seat staring

longingly at the squirrels –

with the door wide open. 

So inevitably, I step on the porch

to help her out. 

As soon as my feet hit the grass

she takes off running like 

it is what she is meant to do.

She races around 

the yard at top speed.

She’s built for this 

and it thrills her.

Every day I watch her pine 

to do what she is meant to do and 

yet stay, 


And I’ve realized – 

I am just like my dog.

Longing to embrace what I am meant for

but stuck to the floor.

Needing an invitation. 

Needing company.

Some kind of assurance

that there’s nothing scary out there.

I am one of those people that needs company.

Remind me that I have 

all the permission I need.

Please help me get to the grass 

so that I can run like I am meant to.

The door is open but 

I might need you to walk with me. 

Otherwise, I end up 

on the window seat wondering 

what would happen if 

I stepped into what I am meant for.

This might be you. There might be moments when this is you. There might be someone you love who needs a helping hand, who needs some encouragement to step into what they are made for. Go ahead and be that person for them. This is my goal here on this little bit of space on the internet – to encourage us all to step into all that we are meant for. Come back next week for more encouragement


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