Go ahead and feel it all.

There’s a lot on your plate.

The world won’t come crashing down

if you go ahead and feel it.

I know it might seem like it might.

To allow yourself to sink into all that

is in your heart is

asking for an enormous wave to

crush you, flip you,

disorient and scare you.

How’s a heart supposed to hold it all?

The regular daily stuff, the big daily stuff,

a friend who is sick,

families torn apart by policy, by

systemic racism, by bitterness,

by trial after trial.

If you feel it all –

if you let the wave take you for a ride

you will feel unmoored,

undone and unsure.

That’s what waves do.

But they also move you.

Move you to where you are

supposed to be.

The wave will put you back on land

in a place that you probably will not recognize.

Your lungs will gasp for air.

Your legs will be tentative.

Your hands will reach for the

texture of solid ground.

Your heart will feel first

and will direct your steps.

What do you see first?

What are the needs?

Big waves have a way of

redirecting, re-centering,

a way of mooring us to what actually matters –

and what our part is in it.

So let the wave of all that is in your heart move you,

its okay to be tentative, but be confident

in the knowledge that you were placed

exactly where you are –

on this shore, this exact span of sand,

to walk towards the needs of your world.

May your steps be propelled by love,

may your hands be open,

your passion burning

and your gifts and talents engaged.