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People with passion should



and claim their platform.

Speak and let ideas flourish.

Debate and allow words to educate.

Plan and lay the foundation for future generations.

Work and see change happen.

This is what it means to fill up the space

that you have been given.

Live your passion.

Fill this world with words of truth and life

and actions that make a difference

because they address a true need…

and not symptoms.

The world needs this kind of people.

Take-up-your-space kind of people.

I’ve been thinking about the flip side of this.

And it is this:

When people step onto their platform

and share their passion, their experience, their knowledge –

well, some of us might get our toes stepped on.

It is nothing personal, mind you –

it’sjust someone taking up their space –

claiming their platform, blossoming and educating.

And they may challenge what you’ve always thought –

what you hold to be true.

We all find ourselves in this position at times throughout our lives.

Sometimes our toes hurt.

When we find this happening,

Here’s what we each should do.

Step off your platform.

Have a seat.