The end of a full day

leaves her with a 

slight headache, 

achy body, 

full heart,

a few regrets, and

a few wins —

and there’s still more to do.

It’s one of those nights, 

when she doesn’t know 

whether to keep 

pushing through


call it enough. 

A bath sounds great

and so does 

finishing up




so that tomorrow 

won’t be as full,

so that, maybe, 

she won’t go to bed with a

the regret/headache combo.

In her fuzzy mind

an idea plows through

the fog.

Why not do both?

A bath and take the computer with her?

Cake and eat it, too!?

Is it necessary to choose, tonight?

Is tonight the night for


instead of 


The lavender scent,

the warm water, 

and her work, 

draw her to the tub.

And then a wave of thought

crashes against her mind…

are there other moments

in her life that are

and instead of or?

Has she put limits 

where limits don’t exist?

Work or family.

What if it is 

work and family?

Giving or receiving.

What if it is

giving and receiving?

Strong or teachable –

what if the right answer

is strong and teachable?

Grace or accountability.

What if the proper way of this

being lived out is

grace and accountability?

Maybe there’s been too many

either-this-or-that in her life. 

Maybe it’s time for more and.