There’s a pair of denim shorts

in my dresser right now

with a folded up ten-dollar bill 

in the front, left pocket.

It’s always in there. 

I reach into my pocket often

when I am wearing the shorts

to make sure it is still there. 

Its lived in this pocket

for a long time – 

at least two years,

possibly more. 

Last week I stuck my hand in 

the pocket when I was folding 

the clothes and there 

was nothing in there. 

I was immediately sad. 

Did I spend it and forget about it?

What could have been so

important that I spent it

and now I don’t even remember 

what I spent it on?

I was so frustrated!

I tucked the shorts in the drawer –

minus the ten dollars,

unsure if I would

wear them again,

and took out my frustration

by vigorously shaking out the towels

before folding them.

The bottom of the clothes

basket was finally in sight,

but I was still bewildered.

Then, from under a sock peeked  

a bit of green paper. 

I squealed with glee.

I grabbed the cash and ran to 

my dresser and tucked it

into the left, front pocket

of my shorts – 

where it belongs.

I don’t know why this money

lives in my pocket.

Maybe there’s some sort

of comfort 

in the sameness?

Maybe it’s the smile

that comes over me

when I put the shorts on 

and stick my 

hand in my pocket

and feel the worn, 

folded edges

and think,

“Yep, I’m ready.”

I am not sure why

I do this

and I don’t feel 

that I need to explain it

or understand this quirk. 

It just is. 

It’s just a part of being me.



Embrace your quirks. And embrace those of others – even the ones that may make you crazy. We have to allow for quirks so that we can all be who we are, right where we are!