It’s always been there –

on the shelf –

hiding in the dark.

It’s never seen the sky

or felt the tension

on the other end of the string

as it rose

through the sky.

The kite has sat,

still in plastic,

the pricetag faded.

Here’s the truth.

I’m scared to fly it.

Afraid I will

make a mistake

and break it.

Afraid I will ask it

to do more than it can

and then we will

crash and burn

and look silly.

And so the vibrant colors

stay hidden in the closet.

The kite on the shelf

is full of purpose

but no one really

knows it is there.

It’s not meant to





And neither am I.

And neither are you.











We are meant to fly,

we are supposed to

be boisterous with our

purpose, passion, and possibilities.

We are to be color and joy

and we are to feel the tension

as we let the wind drive us

where we are supposed to go

while we are held,

tethered to the one

who created us to fly.

Storms will come.

We are tethered.

Questions will pelt us.

We are tethered.

The sun will shine.

We are tethered.

Mistakes will happen.

We are tethered.

Go ahead.

Chase the wind.

Chase your purpose.

It’s what you are made for.




Is your kite on a shelf, friend?

If you are facing storms…be encouraged, you are tethered. You’re in good hands.