I had to give myself permission this week.

I have been holding off on a next step.

It wasn’t a huge step, 

but each step matters 

and anyway, 

what really matters

is that you take them. 

But I was a bit stuck.

I wasn’t taking the step.

This next step sat in 

a bag that I walked 

around and moved 

to different locations

in the house  

for a few weeks. 

I had not put eyes on it

since I had brought it 

to its new home. 

New home?

This belongs with me?


This is for me?

I am not sure that I deserve it 

or that my work really warrants it…

and so it sat.

I just didn’t think that

what I do, 

what I create, 

was enough 

to warrant this tool –

a brand new computer.

The one sitting in the bag

in different locations

around the house.

See, this computer represents

me taking up my space –

It means I am really doing 

this work of writing –

this work of creating. 

And so it sat as I rushed

past it each day 

until I was more frustrated with 

sitting on the edge, with the full 

knowledge of what I needed to do,

than unnerved about just taking the next step.

Sometimes the obstacles,

the blocks,

that try to keep us 

from what we are made for 

don’t really make sense to 

other people.

This fact doesn’t make the 

obstacle any smaller.

It just makes it harder to 

define, describe, and to find a 

detour around it

or a way through it. 

Also, this fact should 

not deter us from sharing 

about our obstacles!

I shared about this block

I had with some trusted friends

and just saying it out loud 

made a big difference.

Be brave and attempt to 

define your obstacle 

knowing it may not make sense

to others but that

sharing about it 

will weaken the 

hold it has on you.

The encouragement 

I received

helped me take 

my next step.

This post is written

and posted from 

my new computer. 


  1. Name your obstacle.
  2. Define it.
  3. Share it.
  4. Link arms with trusted friends.
  5. Overcome it.