She tentatively steps into her own. 

She wades into her space,

seeking to understand that 

it is actually hers,

unsure that she even has

enough within her to fill the space. 

Her eyes flit across the blank,

white walls and cavernous space and 

her heart starts stuttering a bit. 

“I don’t possess what this space needs. 

I don’t know how to 

put this all together 

or how to juggle all of the pieces.” 

Her uncertainty and fear

threaten to derail

her plans to move in,

to take up her space – 

she edges towards the exit.

Perhaps you’ve been there –

on the edge of the unknown 

trying to determine if 

the purpose that calls to you

is enough to make you brave –

maybe you’ve made the leap.

You remember that look –

the one where you look fear

in the eye and just keep going.

When you see someone on the edge,

doubting herself, 

her calling, 

her passion, purpose

and all her possibilities;

doubting whether she 

can or should step into

the space she’s been given – 

meet her there. 

Help her take the next step.

Remind her of truth.

Help her determine what it 

looks like to fill up her space.

Lend her your resources. 

Tell her how you did it.

Collaborate with her,

encourage her, 

pray for her, 

send her chocolate,

and remind her how brave she is.

And if you’re on

the edge right now

doubting yourself  –  

Permission Granted, brave girl,

Let’s take the next steps together.

You’re not alone.

  1. Is there someone who could use some encouragement from you? What is one way that you could walk beside her as she steps into the space she’s been given.
  2. Are you tempted to back away from possibility, purpose, and passion? What is the obstacle you are facing? Take one step towards your purpose. And don’t be afraid to reach out for support, for help, for chocolate.