We are gatherers.

It’s our default setting.

It’s been that way for a long time.

This way of being

has allowed us to provide 

for our families and our communities. 

We are beasts when it 

comes to gathering

memories, groceries, friends, fun, and knowledge.

We round up legos, hope, craft supplies,

library books, and others around a cause

because it’s a skill we’ve honed.

We keep an arsenal of encouragement,

peacemaking, and perseverance 

in storage. 

Our hands are full.

Our hearts are full.

Our lives are full.

We are gatherers.


a shift is needed.

Our world needs us in 

different ways now. 

We need to use our voices more. 

We must pursue ways for our

unique strengths to be utilized

because without them,

there’s a great lack.

We have to step into the space

that we’ve been given 

or create our own – 

and not apologize for it.

Why would we apologize 

for the talents and skills we’ve 

been given and have developed?

We must pursue our passions

so that our full potential is met.

In order to do that

we might have to 

put some things down.

We are going to have to let go

of the way things have always been.

We can’t carry the expectations

that others have of us. 

We need to lighten our load

and release the roles that we no 

longer need to own

so that we can soldier on

with what is most important.

Put it down – 

whatever is unnecessary, 

whatever encumbers, 

whatever threatens to strangle 

our hope and our passion to 

see our world thrive. 

Lighten your load

so that you can carry

the joy of purpose,


and passion. 

Step into what you 

were made for. 

No apologies. 

No extra baggage. 

Gather only 

what fuels you. 

Permission Granted.

Are you carrying something that is keeping you from carrying your passion to your full potential? Name it. Is it something that you must carry?