Hide from edges.

Ignore the gaps

turn away 

and act like

you’re just fine. 

You don’t need to grow.

You’re just fine without

a harvest.

You don’t need to 

produce like others do.

It’s fine for them – 

but you’re


Just fine.

Even if I yell it – 

it’s no longer true.

Somehow fine has become




How did this happen?

I was so comfortable.

I was just fine. 

And then I went and made 

friends who stand on the 

edge and figure out 

how to get across. 

I’m friends with 

people who do brave 

things every day. 

Did I really think I

would continue to be

just fine?

It’s a good thing I find

myself pursuing edges.

I am where I am

supposed to be;

it’s good that what 

has always been 

is no longer 

good enough.

Friends should challenge

you to grow, 

to sit on the edge

and see what 

you are meant for – 

not just what’s 

always been. 

Thanks, friends,

for pursuing your own

edges and for not

shying away from brave.

Thanks for helping me realize 

that gaps aren’t something 

to hide from,

but rather – 

an adventure to pursue.


1) Do you have friends in your circle that push you to grow and seek out edges? If yes, who? Tell them thank you. If no, it’s time to add to your circle of friends.

2) How do you encourage and support your friends to pursue their best?