The harder I try it seems

the more I fail. 

I will be the first to admit that it is

no fun,

this messed up cycle of

trying too hard

and failing.

Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory’s book,

You Don’t Have To Try So Hard:

Ditch Expectations and

Live Your Own Best Life, 

is a great encouragement to

this mom’s heart.

In fact this book helped me

give myself permission to take a

bath at 8:30 am

because I was so sore.

When you are trying hard –

a morning bath

makes zero sense.


It was what I needed.

I love that this book released me

from unnecessary pressure and at the same time

educated me on how to actually live in

a way that makes sense for me.

They reminded me that

I am made in a unique way

and they addressed how I

might then go about and

hustle less and

live more.

They use fun quizzes to help

you understand how you operate.

This book is all about standing up

to the bullies of

perfectionism, performancism,

people-pleasing, and procrastination.

They’ve got to go!

I feel more empowered to

pursue what is best for me

and my family without feeling

pressure to be something we aren’t.

What is the expectation you would like to

get rid of forever?

What expectation holds you back

instead of propelling you forward?

You Don’t Have To Try So Hard

because guess what?

You don’t.

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