The leaves carpet the ground.

A walk across the yard yields 

a satisfying crunch. 

The leaves release their grip on 

the branches as they are supposed to.

Their free-fall to the ground is an intentional,

choreographed dance.

A dance that is part of the cycle 

of bringing forth new.

Their decay feeds the earth 

and makes spring possible.

Is there a release, a letting go 

that needs to happen in my life?

Are there things my hands are 

clinging to that should be released?

Is there anger I need to let go of?

A dream that is no longer

something I should cling to?

A friendship that is no longer

feeding my soul?

Perhaps there things that are meant to 

carpet my path instead of cling to my limbs.

Is my heart holding on to things 

That if I release them will in turn 

bring about new?

Make spring possible? 

Letting go is an intentional, 

choreographed dance.

A dance that is meant 

for us all.

 What do you need to release in order to give way to something new?