I stepped out of my box today.

And guess what.

It was awesome.

I’ve done that a few times this week, actually.

I think what it might be is that I have surrounded myself with

people who routinely step outside of the box.

Maybe, just maybe, some of their bravery

and gumption is rubbing off on this

timid spirit.

And guess what?

I am having fun.

It’s not near as bad as I thought it would be.

I think it’s also a lot about being comfortable

in your own skin and knowing that if you

step out and try something and

you really don’t like it…

You can say,

“I really don’t like this”.

And boom.

That’s it – you don’t ever have to go

dirt biking again

or eat calamari again.

There’s fun outside of the box,

it’s not all scary.

And I am The Queen of Tentative.

So if I am reveling in my travels

outside of the box then

you know it is safe to give it a go.

Now I know that there might be a time

when I step out of the box,

skin my knee

and limp for a week.

It’s possible and likely…

that my heart and my knees will need some bandaids.

But I jumped.

And jumping and needing

a bandaid or two

is better than not jumping.

Not surprisingly, I like the way that Brene Brown says this:

“I don’t leap or jump for the landing. I leap for the experience through the air because you cannot predict the landing. When you get to the place where standing on the edge is more painful than risking a failure – I think you owe it to yourself and the world to leap.”

I am trying to get better at enjoying the leap in the air.

I think the scary part of it all talks me into staying on the ledge.

If I can remind my heart to jump for the experience

and not the landing then perhaps

I can enjoy the hang time.

I believe it is worth giving it a go.

  1. What is keeping you on the edge? What keeps you from leaping? Expectations? Commitments? Perfection? Let’s name it, step through it, work through it and leap despite it’s existence.


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