I am new to wearing out-there earrings.

Statement earrings that say:

“Look at me!”

I had stuck with the same pair of earrings for years and years

due to sensitive ears.

At least that was my reasoning.

But now at 40 I can’t help but wonder

if it was more than that.

If there was a bit of hiding going on.

Please, don’t look at me.

I want to be seen…

but not fully.

And now?

I now own some bold earrings

and they each have a story.

Connection with others makes me brave

and that is what these earrings represent.

People, stories, and reminders.

When I wear these earrings I walk a little taller.

Fringe earrings are what started it all.

I got these on a birthday trip from my hubby

with three of my biggest encouragers.

These earrings remind me that its okay to be fierce.

One pair of earrings is from my husband

and one pair I made.

The hoops make me think of love and the

jade globes remind me to give voice to my creativity.

One pair reminds me of the shop owner who said,

“You are a great momma.”

The copper teardrop pair are from a friend who sees the best in me.

The macrame ones my sister also owns

because we both fell in love with them. #Sisters

I wear them and think of her and

remember to be authentically myself.

And to maybe give her a call.

It’s such a small thing.

But we all need reminders.

To be strong,

be brave

to be creative

and to be our most authentic selves.

Which earrings shall I wear today?

Which reminder do I need?

 Searching For Kindling.

What reminds you of who you truly are?

What helps you remember to be brave?

What are the stories that remind you to be authentic?

Share in the comments!