My heart is for moms.

For all moms.

It aches for those who have had their children taken from them.

My heart is heavy for the mom who sits pretending to be okay

while awaiting test results for her baby.

My heart mourns with the moms who have lost babies.

My heart aches for the mom of an estranged child

who wrestles with hard questions through the long nights.

My heart fights for the mom who just needs a break already.

My heart prays for perseverance for those moms

who face a long road due to a diagnosis.

My heart longs to encourage those who mother alone.

My heart aches along with those moms who

feel unsupported and unloved.

My heart hurts for the one who has the heart of a mom

and yet her arms are empty.

My heart opens for those who have

chosen to give their children up for adoption.

My heart often asks a question with each beat: “Why”?

We have a lot of whys.

I don’t have answers for our hurts and struggles.

However, I know what our first response should be.

We need to love each other well.

Remembering that we each

carry heavy burdens.

We need to lean on God so

we can love well, with grace.

I don’t have answers but

I do know that

I can love well.

I can give the benefit of the doubt.

I can cook a meal to at least take that

off of your plate.

I can cry with you.

I can make a coffee and chocolate run.

And when my heart hurts?

I have to willing to be vulnerable and

let someone in.

We can love well.