You are more than mom.

Your sole purpose is not dinner, redirecting,

loving, teaching, playing and laundry.

We do not exist to drive our children places,

help them with homework or make baby food.

Is it a huge part of who we are?


Is it all that we are?


So branch out, mama

and don’t apologize for it either.

Spend some time rediscovering who you are.

What are your ambitions?

There are ways of pursuing your ambitions

even in the busy phases of motherhood.

It might require late nights,

less TV and

a babysitter.

It might require friends that hold you accountable.

Every step you take now to pursue what

God has created and placed in your heart

will set you up for the next chapter of life.

Whatever that story may be.



Write as you nurse your baby.

Go back to school.

And go ahead and just order a pizza

so you can work on your podcast.

That’s what pizza is for.

Really it is.

Run your accounting business

while the kids are at school.

Use your lunch hour at work

to learn all that you can about

what it would take to patent your invention.

It’s easy to become a motherhood martyr.

But we aren’t asked to be that.

Usually, we give in to it.

Just to be clear – I am not saying

we can have it all.

There’s sacrifices along the way –

necessary and good sacrifices –

from all parties.

Because you are worthy

and so are they.



 Searching For Kindling:

What are some steps you can take to pursue the passion that God has put within your heart?