I am sensing you calling me

to be faithful

to what you have put before me.

Dreams are great

ambitions – necessary

but they can also distract from

what is here, in front of me.

My daydreams can pull

my gaze from the

path that is already laid out for me.

I am easily distracted

from what I am supposed

to be pouring myself into.

Oh look!

I should be doing what she is doing!

Oh, this is a new thing.

I should sign up for this today.

That’s a cool dream.

That should be my dream!

Meanwhile the things that you’ve

opened doors for

are neglected,



and there’s a real threat of

them just withering away.

Give me an urgency for

what you have put

within me,

before me.


help me to be

faithful to the


the opportunities,

the talents,

the call

that you have brought to me.

Help me to fix my gaze on you

and trust you to order my steps.

Fill my heart with trust in you

and a confidence in what you have called me to

so the fear of not being enough

nor the fear of missing out

can shift my gaze.


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What is before you?

Are you choosing it?