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Here’s a short post that correlates to the post on Nanette’s blog.



It’s not my story.

However, she is my mom.

Her story is interwoven into mine.

Her story caused her to make certain choices as she mothered my sisters and I.

Her story impacted the way she loved and the way she protected us.

Her story includes chapters on wounds and mistrust,

and to this day there’s still healing taking place.

She protected my innocence when I was young,

but now I hold her hand as she walks towards wholeness.

Her pursuit of healing is also part of her story –

her story doesn’t end with the hurt,

and so her journey towards wholeness is also a part of mine.

Part of her healing process is now being able to share about

the chapters that include abuse.

She shares to heal and to help others heal.

Her story is now a part of other’s stories.

Their healing.

Their journey towards wholeness.

She holds their hands for a moment;

helps them begin a new chapter.

Her story

is my story

is their story

is our story.