The blooms caught me by surprise.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to see them.

The fog’s been a bit heavy

and recently, it seems,

I just see gray.

So the flowers snuck up on me.

I was shocked

at their presence

and I wanted to shout,

“How dare you bloom

in this very gray space?”

They demanded to be

enjoyed and acknowledged

but I kept walking –

an obvious denial.

They kept shouting.

F i n e.

I turned around

and snapped

a picture of these



just so they would

leave me alone.

But they won’t

leave me be.

They keep talking.

They insist that

beauty and joy

exist outside

of my circumstances.

Such grace.

Beauty and joy

just won’t bow to

my own personal


I’m thankful

blooms can


Thankful that

I’m not in control.

Keep talking, beauty.

I appreciate you

showing up, joy.

Thanks for

not letting

me walk away.