Seda, our dog, 

has a favorite branch

that is 4 times her length. 

She attacks it and

fights with it. 

She drags it around 

the yard in circles

because that’s really all

one can accomplish

with such an wieldy foe. 

She growls and 

wages war against 

the stick

that won’t let her win –

the very one that she 

chooses to pick up. 

I grabbed my phone 

recently to record 

the futile battle. 

I stood in amazement

as she tried to tell 

the stick what was what. 

She was fighting with 

something that she picked

up out of her volition.

She pursued it. 

She clung to it. 

She sunk her teeth into

a branch

that required all 

of her attention. 

She couldn’t do 

anything she was good at –

running, chasing the frisbee

tracking the movements of 

the chipmunks. 


The stick. 

What do I choose to

sink my teeth into,

fight with, 

that diverts energy 

from where it should be?

What do I growl at, 

take a defensive 

stance against, 

wrestle with 

that distracts me from 

what I am actually 

meant for?

I will admit that 

I routinely wage war

with Expectations

and Preferences. 

I sink my teeth in and

get angry about the 

very thing that

is within my power 

to release.

Anyone else

need to let go 

of something?


What do you need to let go of?