I think they are for other people.

Or just not for me.

Not the big ones, anyway.

I get excited when I cross something 

off my list for the day… 

I see others accomplishing

big audacious things

And I think to myself…

“I wish that was me.”


“Why do they get to do that cool thing?”

And then I get jealous that 

someone else is doing what I want to do

and then also at the same time

I get mad at myself for not 

stepping up and doing 

what is possible. 

It is a little convoluted.

My emotions, doubts and assumptions 

end up all tangled together

and tied up in knots. 

This keeps me bound to where I am – 

where I will always be.

So I am calling myself out. 

Big goals are for me, too. 

They aren’t only for everyone else.

Others pursue their goals 

scared and unsure. 

They are uncertain of how 

it is all going to go.

The final result isn’t 

guaranteed and they still move forward.

We can do hard, scary things. 

Do you doubt that?

Are you waiting for approval?

Waiting for the right moment?

I’ve decided it is now.

I will move forward scared.

I will move forward though I am uncertain.

I will move even though success isn’t guaranteed. 

Maybe this is you, too. 


watching others meet their goals

and wishing it was you. 

You can move forward scared.

You can move forward though you are uncertain.

You can move even though success isn’t guaranteed.

Let’s be audacious, together. 

Permission, granted. 

Name one of your audacious goals. Go ahead and write it down, say it out loud or tell a trusted friend. Or email me! And then? Start working. Big goals are for you, too.