Take a walk

in the woods, 

on a paved path, 

in the desert or 

in a tropical paradise. 

Notice your surroundings 

as you take in fall. 

Notice the leaves that have 

changed their colors

or notice the cacti 

that doesn’t experience 

quite as dramatic a change.

Notice the evergreen staying

true to its colors. 

Each one wears the colors

it was made to 

without question, 

without shame, 

without comparison.

Take a walk.

Stand in front of a tree

or a cactus or a tall plant.

Stand there and see it. 

Appreciate the clean air it 

gives back to us. 

The way it stands proud

in whatever form it takes.

The way it blooms, drops its 

leaves, or stays the same color

all the time – 

without explanation or apology.

It grows and changes as it should.

It has a place and a purpose, 

with roots and a growth cycle and 

veins and fruit and seeds. 

It is on purpose for a purpose. 


Take a walk. 

Go stand in front of a mirror.

See yourself. 

You have a place and a purpose. 

 Be you 

without question, 

without shame, 

without comparison.

Appreciate the way 

you bring joy to the world. 

See the way you accent your home 

with grace and colorful words.

You are worthy just as you are. 

Disheveled or all put together, 

wherever you are, as you are –


Understand that you have seasons. 

Realize that you have roots, a growth cycle, 

veins and fruit and seeds. 

You won’t be blooming 

at every moment.

You might not feel like 

you’ve produced a bunch of fruit.

You may feel as though you are being 

buffeted by strong winds. 

Don’t forget your roots. 

Stand confidently. 

You are on purpose,

for a purpose.