For over 365 days a reminder has popped up on my phone from my son. 

It says:

I see it a couple times a day either on my computer or phone. 

And I need the reminder every single day. 

Of course I need to hear it from him,

hear him say the words in his sweet voice.

But this little reminder

each day is the best thing ever. 

The details say:

repeat  Every Day

end  Never

priority  High 

The reminder has been a gift to my heart.

So many times the reminder has  

pulled me from negativity 

and doubtful wallowings. 

Sometimes I click, 

remind me again in 5 minutes

if its been a rough day. 

repeat  Every Day

end  Never

priority  High

And so the thought came to me

to add another reminder.

This one will say:

Seek and you will find –

a reminder to seek to know more 

about the one who loves me most.

Because so often I find myself on 

empty because I am not seeking –

or because I am seeking that which 

cannot sustain me. 

If there’s something you 

fight to remember,

a truth that seems to get swallowed by lies,

a promise that your mind tries to negate –

make a reminder on your phone. 

Because —  

Why not?

Why not be reminded of what

you must always remember?

Our hearts get crowded and 

we forget what is true,

we forget how loved we are.

We forget how capable we are. 

We forget our worth and who 

determines our worth.

So go ahead and

help yourself out. 

repeat  Every Day

end  Never

priority  High


   What will your reminder say? Go and put the reminder on your phone right now! And be sure to choose these details repeat Every Day, end Never, priority High.