I think sometimes 

we glorify bravery.

Meaning – bravery requires a marquee sign.

It has to be something that shouts 

Or requires a microphone or 

A large audience.

This makes 

bravery inaccessible and unachievable 

if this is all bravery is. 

Bravery happens in the quiet, too.

In the morning when you wake up 

and decide to get out of bed. 

That’s bravery. 

When you decide to work on your 

song even though no one knows

you are a songwriter.

That’s bravery.

When you have the audacity to go to college 

when no one else in your family has gone to college.

That’s bravery.

When you get up early to write words.

That’s bravery. 

When you use your extra money to buy paints

because painting frees you like nothing else does. 

That’s bravery.

When you are sober one more day.

That’s bravery.

I am afraid that we make bravery too big and bold and loud

when sometimes bravery is a whisper.

Signing on the dotted line,

talking to the stranger, 

going to the doctor,

making the decision to stand up for yourself, 

going to the gym, 

buying the bikini, 

showing up. 

Bravery is in the small things.

Even the bravery that requires marquees 

and the bravery that requires a microphone – 

those moments of brave are comprised of hundreds of 

small moments of bravery.

Go ahead, take your small step.

Be brave today. 



What is your small, brave step today?