1. Slow mornings.
  2. Average breakfast time of 8:45 am.
  3. Brushing my teeth in my swimsuit in the backyard while I wait for the dog to do her thing.
  4. A schedule that includes watermelon, pool, burgers, ice cream.
  5. Relaxed evenings.
  6. Tan lines.
  7. Swimming in the rain.
  8. Dinners of salad and cereal.
  9. Last minute decisions to __________.
  10. PJs as clothes for half the day and swimsuits for the other half.
  11. Companions for every errand.
  12. Seeing the dog cuddled up with a kid reading a book mid-morning.
  13. Helpers to take the dog outside.
  14. Hearing “Demani owes me over $3,000 and he just landed on one of my properties!” shouted down the stairs.
  15. There’s less pressure to produce and be ‘on it’.
  16. Getting up early = 7 am.
  17. Being a fun mom is easy!
  18. Bowls of watermelon for snack.
  19. The hope andpromise of sun and fun each day.
  20. Not always knowing exactly what a day holds.

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What will you miss about summer?