If you are new here…

Welcome to this safe place where I invite you to pursue with me what it looks like to live as our best selves. I search for kindling to fuel joy, growth and understanding. I find kindling in the silliness of my kids, in a conversation with my sister, in a laugh with a friend, and in a brave flower flaunting its outrageous beauty. Kindling is at every turn and can be found even in the hard moments. Sometimes we have to train our eyes for it and when we find it we can use it to be our very best, yet imperfect selves. What more can anyone ask for? Let’s be perfectly, imperfect.

And…If you’ve been here before but haven’t heard of my friend Shea O’Connor – allow me to introduce you to a delightful talent. 

For once, I am speechless. This organic collaboration with Shea of @designed.by.shea was an absolute joy. She shared one of the illustrations on her instagram and I decided to write a story about it. I shared it with her and she decided to draw more illustrations. SO FUN. It’s kind of like seeing your heart and mind in full-color. Nothing like it. Head over to Shea O’Connor’s instagram and hit follow to see her work. Shea was recently interviewed (read the whole article here) about her work and here’s how she describes her work.

“I create whimsical and glamorous illustrations of women. I make sure that the women I draw are a positive influence on others. I draw females from the past and present… some are well known and others aren’t (but should be). I strive to include all ages, ethnicities, and body types.”

So if you are looking for a dose of lighthearted fun, empowerment and encouragement to see the beauty in us all, well then you can’t go wrong in following the talented Shea. And if you love her work as much as I do, you might just want to visit her Etsy shop.