The audiobook kept me company on my drive.

I was tracking with Mindy Kaling, laughing as she read her book.

I was startled from my read-to-me trance by the view in my rearview mirror.

I drew a surprised breath in.

I paused Mindy.

Splendor was reflected back at me.

And I couldn’t look away.

The sunset behind me was the most majestic magenta sky I’ve ever seen.

I pulled over.

I couldn’t drive with my attention on what was behind me.

I stood there, beside my car

with everything around me veiled in pink.

I tried to breathe it in,

capture the beauty and save it for another day.

I almost missed this.

The pink splendor was happening

whether or not I noticed.

I am so glad I saw what was happening around me.

It was a sunset that should not be missed.

There are times that I almost miss something –

moments when I catch a moment at the

tail end of its you-can’t-look-away show.

I chide myself and beat myself up

for not paying attention

for missing it again

for being distracted again.

But I forget most of the time

about the rearview mirror.

That usually whatever I am missing is

close enough

that I can turn around

and run to be part of whatever is happening.

I can pause and just give in to the moment.

The rearview mirror can be kind –

it’s not always a mean bully.

Objects in the rearview mirror are closer

than they appear and

moments are more beautiful

than I often give them credit for.

The laughter coming from the other room?

Stop and enter into the fun.

The brave friend trying something new?

It’s not too late to join her.

The kind soul who gives and gives

and who often goes unnoticed?

It’s not too late.

Check your rearview mirror

and participate in the beauty

you can’t look away from.


 Searching for Kindling:

Take a look in your rearview mirror. What do you see? There’s a good chance it isn’t too late. Turn around and participate in the beauty you see.