Hey there, 2018.

You kind of snuck up on me. I was genuinely startled

when I wrote 8 instead of 7.

Where did you come from?

The last I remember it was hot sun + thunderstorms

and here I am sitting in front of a vibrant fire in the fireplace.

Is it really January?

I guess I just wasn’t ready for you and well, I am still not.

I got a new calendar that I hesitate to write in because I don’t want to mess it up.

I cleaned the basement thinking that organization

would help kick the new year off on the right foot.

I put up a few lists to help us stay focused in the

morning, afternoon and evening.

But I still don’t feel prepared for a new round of 12 months.

12 months!? That just made me a bit anxious. A whole new year and I feel so, so…

not ready.

In the past I’ve tried a resolution or two. Set a few goals.

But it all just seems like too much.

I’m asking the Holy Spirit to lead me. And so far.

Here’s where I am being led.

Live. Each. Day. AND  It’s not about you.

Make plans, yes. But be present and live each day.

Be daring every day in little ways. Love well in little ways. Love in ways that are beyond what you believe you are capable of.

The little things matter, dear one – even when you feel it isn’t necessarily making a huge impact.

The little things are a way that I lead you. They are opportunities to follow me. When you push past what you feel you are capable of whether that is being brave or loving well, I will meet you there.

Tonight my son wrote ‘best mom’ on his shifting colors sequin pillow. Sister was falling apart and I was able to calm her down and tell her that if she got ready quickly for bed that I would read a picture book to her. I told her to go pick one out. Then we got to lay on her bed and read about a kind raccoon and his desire for a friend. (I can’t tell you the last time I did this.) I purposely tickled each of them so that they laughed hard – it is one of my very favorite things and it was the best part of the day. Or was it when my oldest yelled down the stairs that he had missed me today while he was at school? These may all seem like small things and well, they are. But the small things matter. And they make a day well-lived and seven of them make a week well-lived, and 30 of them make a month well-lived and all of a sudden my outlook on 2018 has changed.

I can do little things. The things that overwhelm me are comprised of little things, little steps. So if I just do little things with purpose then I will be what I need to be and fulfill the role that God has for me and I just might be successful because I won’t be doing it on just my own power.

We loved and laughed and that makes this day, January 4, 2018 a day well-lived.

I am looking forward to January 5, 2018 and the days that follow.