My computer often brings up a screen that says:

You Are Not Connected to the Internet.

I usually am aware that I am not connected,

however, there are times when I am trying to get something accomplished

and it just doesn’t work.

Click. Click.

No movement. No cooperation.

Not going where I want it to go.

Click. Click.

I can’t be productive without the internet!

Why isn’t this working?

And then the page comes up.

You Are Not Connected to the Internet.

Ah. Yes, of course.

I see now that there are no bars lit up to show connectivity.

That is why when I try to click the link, nothing happens.

I am not connected, so no movement, no productivity…

I am just sitting here, unable to do what it is I need to do.

If I am not connected, it just isn’t going to work

no matter how many times I click the link.

I think I need a You Are Not Connected page

for my mind and heart.

One that flashes up in front of me in the midst of conversations.

Mid-tough conversation I see my

You Are Not Connected page flash up…

And I pause.

We aren’t connected.

That is why this conversation isn’t working right now.

I can keep saying the same words and keep pushing the same agenda

but if we aren’t connected

then we are completely missing each other’s hearts.

Even though you sit across from me,

even though I tuck you in at night,

even though we are family,

even though we’ve worked together for years,

even though we live in the same town…

we miss truly hearing each other

because we are not connected.

I keep clicking but there is nothing happening.

No movement, no productivity…

just words that bounce back because of

a lack of connection.

What forms connection?

Fighting on the same team

endless dinners together

giving your best




quality time




When I see the You Are Not Connected page

flash in my mind…

It is time to stop talking

and time to start being.