The docent sat on a bench to soak up a masterpiece that hung on the pristine white walls of the museum. Art lovers would soon walk the hallways to admire and study the one-of-a-kind pieces. She enjoyed sharing about the artist and the possible inspiration for each piece. She loved to point out the important, subtle details – how the swirls of colors dictate the feel of the piece or the way an artist used blocks to give both structure to the piece and social commentary. “There is so much to see in each piece!” she often exclaimed. She would share about the techniques used to create the amazing works of art; the different mediums and the varying textures are all conscious choices an artist makes and so they are an important part of understanding a piece.There’s so much more than meets the eye and her passion is helping the museum goers to truly see the art, to understand the art.

We have three masterpieces in our family. They are each one-of-kind originals. We are so blessed to house three unique souls in our home. They are complex pieces, with colorful swirls that sometimes challenge us. They are formed in ways that we sometimes don’t understand and would like to change. We can’t undo the textures that are ingrained on their hearts. The Artist has made conscious choices with different mediums and varying brushes and sometimes I can’t make sense of what I see.

Sometimes in the midst of parenting I lose sight of the Artist’s design. Often I miss the big picture. I forget to step back and study, to appreciate the living masterpiece that sits at the kitchen table. Frustration and disappointment are all I see when I don’t take time to appreciate the purposeful strokes. I don’t always pause to consider that way the masterpiece is put together may draw others to the Creator (and that includes me). Too often, I am blind to the inspired choices that form the framework of my little breathing sculptures. I am not seeing all that I can see.

There is a docent in our lives. Thankfully. She is part of our community. She has gotten to know our children and she reframes them for us. She praises the way the colors meld together to create a work of art – the personality. She appreciates the way the Creator has used joy, intelligence, and compassion as the brushstrokes of his hand. Her eyes are invaluable to me.  She encourages me to see that the choices the Artist have made are purposeful…and beautiful.  The traits that they posses are creative, decisive choices by the Creator. These can be the very same traits that drive me to distraction, but when I step back and see the big picture, when I commune with the Creator of the masterpieces, I can begin to see a purpose. The docent in our lives emboldens me to study, to learn and to sit back and admire the work of the hands of the Creator. She helps me to see all that I can see.