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My piece on Communicator Academy, “Why write?”  is a version of the same question we all have. Here are some other versions that are out there:

Why garden?

Why paint?

Why create?

Why bake?

Why run?

Why sing?

The list goes on and on…what is your ‘why’ question? We all have at least one…

We all talk ourselves out of something. Maybe you think that painting is a waste of time because who will ever buy your work? Perhaps someone out there is talking themselves out of signing up for a race because they don’t know if they can run the whole thing (that would be me). Or maybe there is a mom who loves sculpture and wants to learn and grow in this discipline but really, who has time for that?

Watch kids create – they just do it – they don’t edit, they aren’t afraid of mistakes or of ruining the picture. Creativity is a worthy cause to kids. They love to immerse themselves in what they are creating. We need to be like the little ones…

As adults, so often we have to have a reason ‘why’ we are doing something. There has to be an end result: The kitchen is clean. The bills are paid. The project at work is done. The laundry is folded. Sometimes we have to let go of the end product and just do what our heart desires. After all, we aren’t solely what we accomplish – the richness of life comes from your heart – not from checking off items on a to-do list.

If you have discovered a passion for knitting then do it. The aim is to learn, to experience! That’s it! No one is going to grade your work or ask you to hurry up and get it right already! Just be creative for the sake of creativity. We are creative beings on purpose! Our creativity reflects our Creator. We do ourselves a disservice when we don’t allow ourselves to pursue creativity and we can’t fully honor the one who created us if we don’t change the question from “Why write?” to “Why not write?”

Change your question! Share your new question in the comments! “Why not (fill in the blank)?”