I am over at Middle Places today on their blog! If you are stopping by from there, welcome! I am so glad to have you visit. If you haven’t read my post on Middle Places yet, please stop over and read “Embracing the Present is Hard“.

The kids are home from school for Thanksgiving break. There are nursery rhyme songs playing as I write. Seren is listening to the, often skipping CD, on repeat while she plays on my phone. She is videoing the dog eating a bone. The boys are… well, I don’t really know what they are doing at the moment. Earlier they put fake snow on the back porch and convinced their sister that it snowed (in GA). Needless to say, the kids are enjoying the down time.

It has been a great day. A play date with friends earlier, yummy nachos for lunch, a craft, and more fun to come! It is good to sit here in this moment and enjoy. Too often I wish something else was happening, or that if I could just tweak one thing, it would be perfect. I am present and enjoying and soaking them up as they play. Soon we will play some games together or perhaps we will go to the coffee shop. Today – I think I can handle a trip to the coffee shop with them all because I am content in the moment. Happy where I sit in the front row.

I wonder how often I taint moments because I am wishing things were different. I wonder if the beauty of a moment, of a day is always there but I just miss it because I want to change something. Too often I step away from my front row seat to try to reformat the set or change the script. Typically, it doesn’t go well when someone in the audience steps in to try to direct the play. I need to remember to smile big, applaud, nod encouragement, and to always be ready to do a reading as they practice before stepping out into the real world. This is my role.

My front row seat is the best seat.

Science experiments outside this afternoon.

Science experiments outside this afternoon.