Occasionally you may find yourself uncertain of you are. Or maybe the mundane has robbed you of joy. Perhaps you no longer no what you are passionate about.

Here are a few resources to discover again who you are so you can pursue who you are meant to be.

StrengthsFinder: Buy this book and take the test. Remind yourself of the strengths you possess. Your family, your community, and the world need you to understand your strengths so that you can rock your strengths. This is a better deal than the cutest shirt at Target – buy the book and do the test it will do loads for your confidence, much more than a cute shirt!

Another great way to understand who you are is to write a Personal Manifesto. Author and Speaker, Cheri Gregory walks you through writing a personal manifesto. You won’t regret this exercise. Your manifesto can and will change. Perhaps this is an exercise we should do at the beginning of each year.

When we understand our core values we can make choices confidently because we will pursue things that are congruent to who we are. Write down your top 20 values from Mind Tools and cut them apart. Lay them out on a table and then eliminate 5. Set them aside. Eliminate 5. Now you have 10 core values. Eliminate 5 again and you are left with your top 5 core values. FamilyLife has a neat version for the family, here.

It is worthwhile to take time to remember who you are or to discover again what makes you tick.